Athletic Trainers On Demand

The GO4ELLIS on demand athletic trainer platform connects people, sports organizations and athletic departments that need to hire certified Athletic Trainers for practices, games, camps, clinics, tournaments and athletic events with Athletic Trainers looking for per diem work.

Athletic Trainers On Demand

The GO4ELLIS app connects people and organizations that need Athletic Trainers for practices, games, camps, clinics, and events with ATs looking for per diem work.

How Go4Ellis Works For:
People Who Need Athletic Trainers
Step 1
Post a Game, Practice, Event or Tournament.
Step 2
Pick an Athletic Trainer from those that apply.
Step 3
Gameday, you're covered! Afterwards, just click to pay.
Find an AT
How Go4Ellis Works For:
ATs Looking For Per Diem Work
Step 1
Set up a free account and create a profile.
Step 2
Pick an event to work
Step 3
Cover the event and get paid automatically through the app.
Find Work

Go4Ellis is the only app for finding ATs approved by the National Athletic Trainers' Association. All of the Athletic Trainers on Go4Ellis are members of NATA in good standing. Which gives you, your athletes and your organization added safety and security.

It's Easy
We remove the hassle of staffing Athletic Trainers
Peace of Mind
Run events without worrying about the liability of failing to provide a safe environment.
Automatic Payments
No more mailing or writing checks.
Stay Organized
Keep track of AT related paperwork through the app.
Emergency Preparedness
Create EAPs with the Emergency Action Plan generator.
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keyboard_arrow_right Why do I need an Athletic Trainer?
Parents are demanding that ATs be present at their kids’ sporting events. And for good reason. In addition to injury prevention, ATs evaluate and treat injuries on the field, which leads to better post-injury outcomes for the athlete.
keyboard_arrow_right How do Athletic Trainers get paid?
At the end of your shift, your money is directly deposited into your bank account. There are no paper checks. We use Stripe payment processing to handle this transaction; the associated transaction fee from Stripe is 3%.
keyboard_arrow_right What is the Staffing/Transaction Fee For Event Operators?
Go4Ellis charges Event Operators a flat 12.5% staffing transaction fee on the hours an AT works. By comparison, traditional per diem Athletic Trainer staffing companies markup what they pay ATs by 25% to 100%. So, for example, while you may be paying an AT staffing company $50 an hour for an Athletic Trainer, the AT is only getting $25 an hour.

There's Actually An Ellis

Ellis is our VP of Health and Safety

A practicing Athletic Trainer, the idea for this platform was born from the effort Ellis put into fully staffing Athletic Trainers for all the camps, clinics, practices and tournaments run by NXTSports.

The name 'Go4Ellis' comes from how Ellis answers the walkie talkie when a call goes out for help.