Safety Made Simple

Sports injuries can dramatically alter a young athlete’s life.

So, it’s pretty simple.

There should be an athletic trainer at every youth sports competition, game, practice, or tournament.

Because according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, having an athletic trainer present results in lower injury rates, improved diagnosis and return-to-play decisions for injuries such as concussions and recurrent injuries.

What hasn’t been simple is hiring Athletic Trainers.

And for Athletic Trainers, picking up per-diem work hasn’t been all that easy either.

That’s why we created Go4Ellis.

Go4Ellis connects coaches, leagues, tournament directors, and camps with Athletic Trainers to create a safer youth sports environment.

Our platform allows event operators to easily post events, Athletic Trainers to find work and, most importantly, helps keep young athletes safe.

It’s pretty simple.

It’s safety made simple.